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At Good News we aim to reduce our impact upon the environment and use products that assist with sustaining our planet.


Our students learn about the importance of recycling and participate in the Containers for Change program, with the money collected being given to OzHarvest.

We also have dedicated bins for paper and cardboard located in each classroom and across the school.

Solar Panels

288 solar panels are spread across the roofs of our Hall, Library, Y3-4 Classrooms and Music Block, and we're able to monitor their efficiency and output in real time. During low load periods, such as weekends and school holidays, we feed power back into the local grid.

LED Lighting

All of our classrooms and offices use energy efficient LED lights, which also provide a comfortable level of lighting to assist with student learning.

Water Conservation

To reduce water wastage, all hand taps and drink bubblers used by students are either push operated or timed to automatically stop.

The watering systems throughout the school grounds have timers and we have a monitoring system to detect leaks and inefficient water usage.

Air Conditioners

Our learning spaces have inverter air conditioners set within energy efficient ranges for heating and cooling, and are only used when natural breezes and warmth, or traditional fans, are insufficient.

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