A Life-changing Adventure

At Good News, our school-wide pedagogical framework uses the imagery of adventure to appeal to children’s curiosity and creativity.  We want them to be excited about their learning and feel a sense of purpose; understanding that what they do matters beyond a report card. “Life” in our Vision statement, Learning for Life with purpose and passion, is written with a capital L because it is a precious gift from God, not just for now but eternally.


An adventure is a challenge that calls on the best of our capabilities – mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. It can also be a spiritual experience, inviting us to explore and respond to this inherent dimension God places within us.  


As adventurers, we must prepare for the journey ahead. Just as commencing a long hike without first knowing how to read a map, find water or make a fire would be foolish, our students develop skills that are purposeful and necessary for the situations they’ll face. Similarly, undertaking an adventure alone is more dangerous and less enjoyable, so sharing the journey with trusted others means it is more successful and rewarding. 


Primary school is a time for learning knowledge, skills and values that lay the foundations for the rest of life. For today's students, undertaking that adventure with greater collaboration, cooperation, creativity and empathy has never been more important. The best adventures are shared and we are stronger when we combine our talents, exchange our ideas and work together to make things better for all. This concept is a central message of the Christian faith, as written by Paul in Roman’s 12:5, “So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.“


We live in a time of rapid change that can bring uncertainty about the future.  An adventure requires stepping out in faith to explore the unknown and meet challenges that arise. By incorporating real world tasks into our teaching that offer multiple courses of action, our students are encouraged to develop creative responses. Solutions are imagined, tested, refined and embedded into practice. This requires deep understanding, empathy and innovation.


Completing an adventure brings a sense of achievement; something to be celebrated and shared. The successful experiences create their own intrinsic reward and create feelings that grow a nurturing and connected community.  As servants of God, we value being caring and productive citizens whose journey makes a difference in and for all things within his creation.

Our school-wide pedagogical framework has four Principles, each with its own Core Commitments, which are embedded into the teaching and learning opportunities at Good News.  These principles guide school decision-making, teacher planning and student learning.

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