Learning From Home

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How the Learning From Home program works
  • Students will be supervised by parents at home and will participate in the Learning From Home program.

  • All students will use their school-provided iPad at home.

  • Students and parents will receive the daily work schedule and work bundle links via email the day before.

  • If scheduled, students will join a virtual meeting with the class or small group.

  • Work will be submitted for teacher review via SeeSaw, Google Clasroom or email as directed.

What parents are required to do

Parents are required to:

  • supervise their child and facilitate the Learning From Home program.

  • provide active support for their child's learning.

  • maintain a safe and organised workspace to optimise learning opportunities.

  • be vigilant in monitoring their child's use of devices.

What Teachers Are
Required to Do
Web Consultation

​Teachers are required to:

  • create quality learning opportunities for all students.

  • regularly  and effectively connect and communicate with students and parents.

  • assess work and provide meaningful feedback to further student progress.

Daily Schedules
and Work Bundles
Image by Wilhelm Gunkel

Daily timetables and work bundles will be sent via email to parents and students by 4pm the day before. 

Students will require some parent supervision and support to complete the activities outlined.

Parents should use SeeSaw or email to communicate with teachers to seek clarification if required.

Most work will be found inside Google Classroom.

Virtual Meetings
with Zoom
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Students will use the Virtual Meetings weblink on the iPads to connect with their teachers at the times outlined in the daily timetable.


We are using Zoom to manage these meetings.  This software is already installed on the student iPads.

Submitting Work to Teachers
Image by Gautier Salles

Students in Prep to Year 2 will submit their work for teacher review using SeeSaw.

Students in Year 3 to Year 6 will submit their work for teacher review using Google Classroom.

Sending work to the teacher by email is our backup if you experience difficulties.  Large files, such as videos, can be sent using www.myairbridge.com

Behaviour Expectations During Zoom Virtual Meetings and Other Online Activities
  • Students are not to use the school iPad to participate in any Zoom conferences (or other online chat forums) that are not set up and authorised by school staff.

  • Place the iPad safely on a table.

  • Ensure the camera angle and background maintain privacy.

  • Wear suitable clothing.

  • Stay muted unless it's your turn to speak.

  • Be sensible in the way you act on screen.

  • Ensure all comments and gestures are kind towards others.

  • Avoid side conversations, fiddling or working on something else while participating in the session.

  • Refrain from eating or drinking during the session.

  • Make eye contact by looking into the camera.

  • Show others you are listening by nodding your head.

Caring for the iPad at Home

Students need to be careful using and carrying the school-provided iPad. While they are enclosed in a Military Grade protective case, they are not immune from damage if dropped, hit or crushed. If damage occurs, the students will need to email the IT Manager as soon as possible.

  • Keep the iPad away from liquids, including drink bottles.

  • Do not overload when carrying the iPad and other items.

  • Never leave the iPad on the ground or on the edge of a table.

  • Never place heavy or sharp items on top of the iPad.

  • Keep a secure grip on the iPad when using it away from a flat surface.

  • Use gentle fingers when clicking / pressing buttons.

  • Be gentle when removing headphones, using extra care.

Use the iPad subs app to find student usernames and passwords

If the student iPad is missing any usernames or passwords, use the subs app to find what they might be.  Most commonly, the Google or Apple accounts need to be re-authenticated after any major updates.​